Would you??

SO, I am thinking of investing in this cake stacking system, which allows for unusual ways of presenting tiers…. upside down, hanging like  chandelier, spiral  While, these automatically lend themselves well to the “topsy-turvy” / Mad Hatter style cakes, I think they also work for traditional and classic designs that need just a little something to make the personally yours.

What do you think??  Would YOU consider doing  your cake like this??


2 thoughts on “Would you??

  1. Hi, I hit the text limit for the cake stacking question. So, I was trying to tell you: I totally think you’d be able to create wonderful things w/ this gadget but I’d be so concerned about transporting it 😦 That’s all. My friend May said she’ll respond to your e-mail this weekend. She’s been very busy. Thanks a lot!

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